Anonymous said: no, no, nononono! I'm asking the questions, I'm asking, / I / am! Don't turn it arounnnddd ~ ! You can't just -- WHAAAA -- N - NO! NONONOnonono you got that all wrooonggg! ... auntiewouldkillmeanyway. BATTLERjsghf. The point here is you're rejecting m -- BATTLER ... despite hotness! So, so, solely based on a scale of hotness -- leave out everything else! -- would you, yes or nooo ~ ? / gringrin )~

… I …  Well, it’s —— … …  I wasn’t rejecting youhim so much as saying — … …  /sigh  Isn’t this a little strange …  Honestly, Battler - Kun, I wouldn’t sleep with anyone solely because they’re attractive, alright?  … Not even you.

… But I suppose if there was a mutual interest somewhere, and … … if I have to take that into account —— … … p - perhaps … ?

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Oh, ah …  Thank you ~ !

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Anonymous said: which sister of purgatory is your favorite? who do you think is the prettiest?~ ^^;;

Ah, w — well, that’s …

I suppose … Asmodeus is, ah …  who I’d classify as a ’ favorite. ’  She’s the least pushy and … isn’t nearly as terrifying as the others can be sometimes.

And while she scares me the most, I think Beelzebub is the prettiest … ?  Though, no comparison to —— …  Well, I won’t mention it right now, Mother can see these answers of course …

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George, it isn’t the matter whether they do, you know? We were debating that they should not and why. I love you, but please don’t change the subject, okay ~ ? / closed eyed smile )
And you don’t know that. / waves a hand ) Perhaps the person they’re asking is some sort of sociopath with a knife who will stab them for asking it. Besides, unlike them asking that question, it’s not like Natsuhi - neesan actively did something at this point of time, so we can’t talk about repercussions of actions here anyway ~ .

And honestly, George, who do you think you’re telling this ~ ? Even though you always politely call me Mother, my actual name is Eva ~ … or are you so attached to that title you forgot?   / gigglegiggle )
But you’re distracting me from the matter at hand again, right? It isn’t about whether reverse psychology works or not, really. / fans her hand at him again ) It’s just about whether they should send you weird messages or not, okay? And they obviously shouldn’t, so case closed ~ . / smilesmile )

well, looks like we’ll have to do no thinking, really, just like what he’s doing. honestly, what is wrong with that boy sometimes?! 

… Mother, what on —— … …  /sighs, and pulls off his glasses, rubbing at his eyes for a moment before replacing them, and offering her a stern look

… Of course.  You’re right, I’m sorry.  /holds up his hands, and offers a wary smile  … It isn’t as if I enjoyed the message anyhow, it just doesn’t bother me.  It’s easier to laugh it off, that’s all …  But, anyhow, we’ll skip over talking about it for now, since it’s simply complicating things, isn’t it.  In any case …

Back to the zoo, then, right?  Perhaps the next time you and father are free, we can take a trip down to the Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya …  It seems like it would be fun.

I … have often wondered that myself.  Especially right now …  I’m not even sure what to make of this …  ///; 

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Anonymous said: H - hey, this is not fair! D - Don't be auntie Eva, don't go using weird rhetorical tricks on me! " Why would I sleep with someone with no interest in me " is not a valid questionnnn! The only thing that matters here is whether you are interested, isn't it ~ ?! It was about why you wouldn't do it, not m -- BATTLER! ... g - gihi ~ ... s - so! Why wouldn't / you / do it?! Spaghetti is straight until it gets hot ~ ! Ihihihi!

… It’s not a rhetorical trick, Battler - Kun.  It’s simply an honest matter.  If someone isn’t interested in me, then it’s rather pointless to try, isn’t it?  I’m terrible in these affairs as it is …  If I can’t even figure out how to properly convey my feelings toward someone whom is interested in me …  it’s sort of extremely difficult to try with someone who isn’t and wouldn’t be, don’t you think?  … Maybe I’m wrong on that, but that’s just my opinion …  But as for wh——  …

Uh.  That …  that was just … a very strange mental image, I …  Are you saying you want to sleep with me, Battler - Kun?  You’re sending more than just vague mixed signals here … …

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Thank you!

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Anonymous said: Awkward? GHIHIHI~ wh-what gave you that idea Aniki?!

… Well, all things considered — it’s kind of awkward in itself that you’d be interested in whether I’d sleep with you or not.  But I’m getting curious why you’re hounding me about this, so … …  I’m afraid I’m going to ask what this is all about …

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N - No she isn’t! She is a fish - lipped, squinty - eyed, big - breated pimped - up blonde BIMBO! H - How do I look like that?! / suuuulk~ )

I believe he only meant — …  well.

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Anonymous said: Battler you have a really pretty wife, why don't you go creep/flirt with her? Then again if your here she probably kicked you out.

… Uh, just going to post this for Battler - Kun, since …  Well, I’m not him …
Though …  What wife do you mean?  I wasn’t aware Battler - Kun got married … 

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